Document Checklist



Document Checklist


Documents required vary from loan to loan, but generally the following are required.

Remember, the quicker you provide your documentation the faster it can be submitted to underwriting. 

1: Last two years federal tax returns, all pages, all schedules, no state.

2: Last two years W2’s and or 1099’s.
3: Last two pay stubs or/and proof of disability, social security, retirement income with an award letter.
4: Last 30 days of bank statements, include all pages even if blank, make sure they include the bank name, your name, part of the account number and balance.
  • If you are getting them from online make sure they include all of the above, plus they have the URL listed to show it was from the internet.
  • If you are getting them from your branch, then make sure all of the above applies and the teller gives you a teller stamp and signs it.
5: Provide a copy of all deposits that shows on your bank statement that are over $500, and provide a signed written letter of explanation of where the deposit came from for each deposit.
6: Provide your last copy of any retirement statements, include all pages even if blank.
7: Copy of the purchase contract signed by all parties.
8: Copy of your earnest money check and an updated bank statement showing it clearing your account and what your new balance is, please follow #4 so they are correct.
9: Copy of your driver’s license, please scan or if you have to copy increase the copy size by 150% for clarity.
10: Name and number to your homeowners insurance company.
11: mortgage disclosures singed and dated. (We will send to you).


Other items that might apply:

12: If receiving any gift funds from a family member, we will provide a gift letter that will need to be filled out, signed and dated by all parties. The gift-er will need to supply a  statement including their name, part of the account number and balance.
  • Show a copy of the check or proof of wire, cash is not accepted.
  • Provide an updated bank statement showing the amount of the gift going into your account and reflecting the updated balance, make sure to follow the rules of condition #4.
13: If you have had a bankruptcy you may need to provide your bankruptcy documents including discharge.
14 If you have had a prior short sale you may need to provide a copy of your previous HUD1 to show proof of the sale date and provide proof of when the home was recorded as paid by the County.
15: If you are separated or recently divorced you will need to provide a copy of your separation papers or divorce decree.
16: If you receive any other type of income such as social security, disability, retirement etc,. you will need to provide an award letter showing the amount you are paid.
17: If refinancing a copy of your mortgage Note, this will say Note at the top and is usually 4 pages long, most likely with the paperwork from your last loan. If you cannot find it, you can order it from your current lender and they will send it to you by fax or email.
18: If refinancing a copy of your last mortgage statement.
19: If you have an HOA, will need the name and number.
20: If you own more than one property you will need to provide a mortgage statement, note and if applicable lease for each property and mortgage.
21:  There could be other items needed depending on your particular situation.


Important things to make note of:

  • Appraisals must be prepaid.  The appraisal company will be in touch with you when the appraisal is ready to be ordered.  He/she will contact you to collect your credit/debit card information.   (Please note if you are going to be reimbursed for your appraisal, you will need to use a debit account and we will need to get copy of proof of the cost coming from your account.)
  • DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH INTO YOUR ACCOUNTS. We are not able to use cash as a source of down payment or reserves since it cannot be verified.
  • Do not quite your job prior to closing. If you do plan on changing employers during the process you must notify us and you must have received your first check prior to closing.
  • No non-sufficient funds in your accounts.
  • Do not apply for or incur any additional debt at this time until after closing
  • If there is something to question…call me first, play it safe.
  • We will be asking for additional items or explanations throughout the loan process as your loan file progresses through processing, underwriting and closing.

Thanks for your time and please call or email with any questions. is not a lender, but is the domain name and blog website for loan officer Sean Young (NMLS 191647 / LMB 100013240) who is an employee of Broker Solutions, Inc. DBA New American Funding an Equal Housing Lender licensed through NMLS 6606.
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